J. Samuel Richards

JSR brings together a team of top-drawer local and foreign professionals with immense global experience and impeccable skills in the areas of auditing, accounting and consulting, and fund management all with the simple common mission of driving innovative value for their clients.

The JSR Professional Service Group comprises:

  • an Certified Public Accounting firm (J. Samuel Richards® & Associates);
  • a Management Consulting firm (J. SR Consulting Limited);

Across the board, JSR employees believe in the “True Partner” philosophy - united in sharing the vision of building an innovative alternative to the traditional “Big Four” and demonstrating their passion for client success every day. JSR has grown with its clients, expanding operations within the East African region. Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, JSR blends its history and experience with a “next-generation” worldview to build enduring client relationships based on delivering real results..

Our Mission
To enable our clients build and sustain high performance.

Our Vision
The "go-to" firm for solutions to complex problems faced by governments and corporates in Africa.